Futurists with Passion – The MLOVE Forum 2017

A guest post by Kixka Nebraska: In the world of ubiquitous tech conferences, the MLOVE Forum has the reputation of being the Pirelli calendar among the networking events: insightful speakers, cutting-edge themes for high-level target groups at exclusive venues, supplemented by in-depth workshops – and this in a casual-friendly atmosphere.

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Hamburg was at the SXSW and that’s how it was

The SXSW-Festival 2017 is now over, and Hamburg startups that had made it to Texas are back in the Hansestadt. Time to take a look back on these few unforgettable days!

Team Baqend and Sandra Hartwig from Cribb on the rooftop terrace Fogo de Chao – Photo: Hamburg Startups

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One day in paradise – the Extreme Tech Challenge on Necker Island

Last September Freya Oehle, founder of Spottster, won the pitch competition at Bits & Pretzels, a startup spectacle in Munich. Her prize: a trip to Necker Island, the private island of billionaire Richard Branson! Here’s her report:

“Crystal clear water with a view over the reefs, a private zoo, palm trees, pools, flocks of flamingos, a trampoline on the beach, and the most motivated, most bizarre, and most impressive people I have met in a long time…”

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Nüwiel paves its way to the SXSW in Texas with Hamburg Startups

A full house at Mindspace, Hamburg startup personalities and an overjoyed winner: this is what you may have missed out at the Hamburg startups Mixer – SXSW Edition. The audience made up its mind: Nüwiel must   represent Hamburg at the SXSW festival in Austin in March! What the startup can expect there and how it came to this choice, this is what our follow-up report holds!

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The biggest pitching event for Baqend so far at Slush 2016

The week before Slush, we read the announcement that Baqend would be among the top 100 startups out of roughly 2000 candidates. Right away and with great expectations we started to prepare for our biggest pitching event so far.

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Nüwiel is more than just vegetables in a trailer

Food+City is an initiative of the startup metropolis Austin, Texas which is committed to the supply of city dwellers with fresh, healthy foods. When the best ideas are presented in an international competition on this subject, a Hamburg startup is also under the spotlight: Nüwiel. How it happened and with which invention the young team proved themselves convincing, this is what you will find out in a new contribution of our series Spot on: Food & Health.

Spot on: Food & Health Edition – a series about young companies from the Hamburg startup scene

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Hamburg Startups: the 2016 retrospective

2016 was not very popular everywhere, on the contrary. But because we do not deal with wars, crises, and idols that passed away too soon, but with the Hamburg startup scene, we allow ourselves to draw our own 2016 wrap-up. Granted, it’s abridged and subjective,but before anything else, we want to finish on a positive note!

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Hamburg Startups – International Edition

Hamburg – A Gateway to the World. This tagline has always been relevant for our beautiful Hanseatic city. Not least for the harbor, the third biggest terminal for containers in Europe. Hamburg gained in visibility worldwide as as a Green City Capital as well. As an international startup hub however, Hamburg is only rarely mentioned. Hamburg is still blatantly absent.

And yet, the potential for it is most definitely there. It is clearly stated in an article from the Financial Times Harbouring ambitions: the draw of Hamburg and by the American journalist Edward Domain.

The international appeal is the reason why Hamburg Startups decided to launch an international website. We have been wondering where the Hamburg startup scene stands from an international perspective.  Read more

Startup@Reeperbahn Pitch 2016: the glorious five

What do the following things have in common; software for speeding up a website, an app for happy horses, a drone that can make 360-degree recordings, a platform for sport sponsorship, and an app that can teach you to play guitar? They and their respective start-ups are the stars of this year’s Startups@Reeperbahn Pitch.

The show will be held on 21st September in Gruenspan, and the victor will go home with a media budget worth 100,000 Euros from the WELT newspaper. We will tell you exactly who the finalists are, and how the decision was made. Read more

Startup Events in Hamburg 2017

What’s happening in Hamburg’s startup scene during the next months? We summed up the the events you shouldn’t miss. Your event is missing? Then simply send us a message to info(at)hamburg-startups.net.

These events are looking forward to your participation:


Diabetes Kongress 2017 Get going and make sure you get into the Diabetes Start-up Challenge 2017 at the Hamburg Messe. If you are one of the lucky ones, you will get a spot at the Diabetes Plaza side by side with the global players within the pharmaceutic and medical industry and contacts in the universe of medical professions. Apply here! 24. to 27. May 2017
Gründerforum To offer first class product and service isn’t sufficient these days to become a succesfull businessperson. Die alte Händlerweisheit „Wer nicht wirbt, der stirbt“, ist heute aktueller denn je. How does the changing Consum- and Comunicationhabits change the perception of commercials? What are the clients thoughts? How can you get their attention and which marketingmeasures take effect? 30. Mai 2017
Smart Datalytics No. 6 – Big Data The event “Smart Datalytics“ takes place every 8-12 weeks and offers an opportunity for exchange of ideas, opinion and expertise, this time revolving around the widespread topic “Business Intelligence and Big Data“. This time featuring the talk: Plug & Play for Big Data – Graphical Integration Programming for Hadoop and how to make HSV and St. Pauli great again! 31. Mai 2017
IFB-Workshop Gründungsfinanzierung The IFB Hamburg offers monthly workshops on funding and financing of Startup Projects. Basic questions will be discussed and you will get to know which public funding programms might suit you. Contents will be tailored to match the interest of the participants. 01. Juni 2017
12min.MED – Life Science #8 Willkommen bei 12min.me Hamburg. Wir organisieren europaweit kostenlose locker, entspannte Netzwerk- und Vortragsevents auf denen sich Leute aus unterschiedlichsten Branchen und Altersklassen miteinander vernetzen und jede Menge Spaß haben. Next up: 12.min.MED – Life Science #8! 01. Juni 2017
InFlagranti #5 (aka 12min.LAW) Welcome to 12min.me Hamburg. We provide casual networking events all over europe, free of cost. People from a great diversity of branches and age groups get an opportunity to form connections and have a good time. Next up: InFlagranti aka. 12min.law goes into round five! Three exciting guest from the areas #Law #LegalTech #Cybercrime #FinTech go in on the topic: Digitalisation of shipping – Chances and risks in legal management? 01. Juni 2017
Hamburg AWS User Group 2017/06 It’s time for the June edition of our UserGroup Meetup and we will meet this month at emtriq. Emetriq is a data provider for the digital advertising industry and belongs to the Deutsche Telekom Gruppe. They will present us two interesting talks about how they use AWS and how the made things fail on AWS. 01. Juni 2017
12min.me – Ignite Talks Vol. #41 Welcome to 12min.me Hamburg. We provide casual networking events all over europe, free of cost. People from a great diversity of branches and age groups get an opportunity to form connections and have a good time. Next up: 12min.me – Ignite Talks Vol. #41 08. Juni 2017
Jugend hackt in Hamburg We will hack, tinker, 3D-print and craft to our hearts content! „Real or fake?„ is this years slogan at Jugend hackt. Imformation helps us to understand the world around us. It forms our perception of things, our attitude and opinion. But more then ever many people base their believes on fake-news or questionable data or at least it feels that way. 09. bis 11. Juni 2017
nextMedia.StartHub – Sprechstunde nextMedia.Hamburg offers you the opportunity to get a consultation-appointment, free of charge. The focus lies on information around startupsupport by municipal intitutions and partners, relevant networks and offers by nextMedia.Hamburg. Goal is the first orientation for those interested in founding. 12. Juni 2017
nextMedia.Elevator Neuer Name, neuer Look: Pünktlich zum zehnjährigen Jubiläum legen wir den Wettbewerb für digitale Startups neu auf: Aus dem Webfuture Award wird der nextMedia.Elevator. Für wen es am Ende hoch hinausgeht und wer sich über die Auszeichnung zum besten digitalen Startup Hamburgs freuen darf, entscheidet sich im Rahmen der Preisverleihung am Abend des 14. Juni 2017 im betahaus Hamburg. 14. Juni 2017
SOCIAL INNOVATION CHALLENGE 2017 The Social Innovation Challenge shall inspire and motivate each and everyone who is interested in Social Entrepreneurship, sustainable urban development or civil/social engagement. Whether you bring your own project, want to strengthen your engagement or want to bring your self to bear in terms of future solutions for current problems- everyone is welcome. 16. Juni 2017
Infotag zur Existenzgründung Talks will cover the crucial aspects of getting into entrepreneurship. Thereafter our consultants will take their time to answer your specific questions. 19. Juni 2017
TEDxHamburg “Rock the Boat” We live in a rapidly changing world, in a time of transitions and challenges, that many of us find increasingly complex and difficult to handle.But thankfully, there are always some of us who are brave and fearless enough to rise up to the occasion and to take things on by embracing the unknown and completely rethinking the approach. Who are these change makers? Meet our TEDxHamburg speakers. We will let them reflect on how rocking the boat changed their lives and will find out if their visions and ideas made a difference. 25. Juni 2017
Food Innovation Camp 2017 A  daycamp full of innovative and delicious impressions out of the startup-ecosystem from the Food-Expo. The conference set trends regarding food, food-tech, logistics and hospitality, while workshops give opportunities for knowledgetransfer, regardless of companysize. Speeddatings and matchmakings between startups and representants of wholesale and retail, investors, coop-partners and food service industries aim for efficient networking. 17. Juli 2017


Diese Events finden regelmäßig statt:

Event Bescheibung
12min.me 12min.me bietet zu den verschiedensten Themengebieten interessante Vorträge und Networking-Events, oft in Kooperation mit relevanten Partnern aus der jeweiligen Branche.
betahaus Academy In verschiedenen Sessions zum Thema “Lean Startup” können Gründer sich weiterbilden.
TUHH Startupdock Das Startup Dock steht für erfolgreiche Gründungen an Hamburger Hochschulen und Forschungseinrichtungen. Das Startup Dock begeistert Studierende und Wissenschaftler für das Thema Entrepreneurship und stärkt die Gründerkultur auf dem Campus, vermittelt durch Lehrveranstaltungen und Events unternehmerisches Denken und Handeln und unterstützt und begleitet als Gründerzentrum innovative, technologieorientierte Startups auf ihrem Weg zu erfolgreichen Unternehmen.
Fin-Tech Meetup Networking Veranstaltung der Fin-Tech Szene von Hamburg zum Austausch von Ideen unter Gleichgesinnten.
nextMedia.Elevator New name, new look: the Webfuture Award turns into the nextMedia.Elevator. The idea stays the same: 10 digital startups from Hamburg compete for the title, glory and fame. 14. June 2017
TEDxHamburg “Rock the Boat” We live in a rapidly changing world, in a time of transitions and challenges, that many of us find increasingly complex and difficult to handle. It takes guts, passion and stamina to navigate these times, to be empowered, to insist in change and to disrupt the status quo. To rock the boat. But thankfully, there are always some of us who are brave and fearless enough to rise up to the occasion and to take things on by embracing the unknown and completely rethinking the approach. Who are these change makers? Meet our TEDxHamburg speakers. We will let them reflect on how rocking the boat changed their lives and will find out if their visions and ideas made a difference… today, tomorrow and way beyond. Join us! 25. June 2017

These events are held regularly:

Event Description
12min.me 12min.me offers lectures, presentations and events with a diverse range of topics and partners. Have a look at the specific events for more details.
betahaus Education In different sessions on “Lean Startup” founders have the chance to educate themselves.
TUHH Startupdock   The Startupdock supports founders and young companies at Hamburgs universities and scientific institutions by strengthening the infrastructure and entrepreneurship around the campus and offering events with a focus on education and networking
Fin-Tech Meetup The Networking Event of the Hamburg fin-tech scene.
FuckUp Nights Fuckup Nights is a global movement born in Mexico in 2012 to publicly share stories of failed businesses. Hundreds of people attend each event to hear three to four entrepreneurs share their failures. After each speaker, there’s a question/answer session, as well as time for networking.
Gamecity Treff The Game City Club is the established, regular get-together for the games industry in Hamburg. Industry representatives hold short introductory speeches, report on the latest developments in their companies or lead panel discussions on current topics. Networking and the exchange of ideas on Games and beyond are being focused in particular
Webmontag Talks and networking-events about changing technologies and digital issues

Small note: You’ll find the upcoming schedule of our networking Event the Hamburg Startups Mixer here.

Calenders with important events for the Hamburg startup community

In order to stay up to date with the events of Hamburg’s founder community, we highly recommend to check the following calendars regularly for interesting updates.

The Startup Digest: This calender is curated by betahaus Hamburg and others and will soon be embedded in the website. But you can also subscribe the Digest as a newsletter.

The betahaus Hamburg: with this calendar you stay up to date on the events, taking place in the co-working space in the Eifflerstraße.

Digital Media Women: Here you will find the numerous events of Digital Media Women as well as various other exciting networking Events.

Nextmedia.Hamburg event calendar: The nextmedia.Hamburg initiative maintains a calendar with their own events, such as the Webfuture Award as well as other events from the digital world of Hamburg.

Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft: It’s the right calender for folks who are eager to stay up to date about news about creative-scene of Hamburg.

Hamburg@work: Being a cross-industry business network, Hamburg@work publish their relevant events in their own calender.

Startup Guide Hamburg: This information plattform for entrepreneurs from Hamburg offers an interesting event calender.