New in Hamburg? Our step-by-step guide for newcomers

Welcome to Hamburg! Isn’t it exciting to be in a new country? I know it’s a bit scary – I’ve been there myself. Don’t worry, we’ll lead you through the most important steps you need to follow upon moving to Germany and more specifically, Hamburg. Read more

Hamburg Business Culture – how to deal with Hamburgers

Hamburg has a very unique culture and customs. Its location between the traditional South and the very liberal Nordics renders a complex result of liberalism and demureness. How do the Hamburgers tick? Let’s find out together. Read more

Office language: English. Startup jobs in Hamburg for non-German speakers

Hamburg is a very enticing city. The moment you set foot in the Hanseatic City, you will fall in love with her. A friend of mine came for three days and ended up staying for two months with a roster of three outfits. See what Hamburg can do to you? Read more