Pacemo – bringing digital into the world of undertakers

Along the banks of the Elbe River, near the fish market, there is a small coworking space. It’s easily missed in the ironically-named backstreet Buttstraße, yet any entrepreneur knows that hard work needs no glitter. This is where we met Timm Wienberg, co-founder of Pacemo.

Pacemo is not your average startup about an umpteenth box or a super niche monthly subscription. We are talking about serious business here: a software program for funeral parlors. This B2B business model, founded in February 2016, delivers an all-inclusive solution for undertakers. With Pacemo, you can handle your paperwork, billing, and management of a funeral from A to Z in one location, step by step.


A team with a funny bone

A sordid topic? Not necessarily. The small team – the two founders, Timm Wienberg (marketing) and Lennart Guth (IT), along with Mayka Engelmann (communication) – works in a friendly and dynamic environment. The startup feeling from the coworking space “projektquartier” is strong and upbeat, with open-spaces divided in a smart way throughout the floor.


“The funeral industry is lagging behind in terms of technology and digitalization”, says Wienberg. “There is a lot that can be done to modernize and make the whole process following a death more seamless. Our goal is not to replace the humane part that the undertakers play, but rather support them in delivering an optimal service with a digital tool that meets their needs and expectations.”


Deadly business

From the perspective of the funeral home, trying Pacemo is free. On top of a free trial period, you are then only charged whenever you carry out a death case – €12.00 per case. If you don’t use it, there are no fees charged. A convincing sales pitch, devoid from any financial or contractual risks for the parlors. Try it, love it, adopt it – it’s that simple!


There are around 5000 funeral parlors in Germany, most of them independent business, and around 900,000 deaths. The business potential is vertically limited; however it can spread within the German-speaking market, and beyond. “Our goal for 2018 is to localize Pacemo for other European countries”, declares Wienberg. “It takes more than a simple translation, but the administrative process is very similar from a country to another, demanding only minor adjustments.”


A call for investors

In the short term, Pacemo is looking for investors “ideally from the software area and with experience with the funeral industry”, hopes Wienberg. After securing their first contract only days after the official launch of the product, developed from a detailed analysis of the undertakers’ needs, Pacemo needs an extra drive to push the sales forward and expand their business. Serial founder Wienberg and his co-founder Guth believe in their idea and are committed to it. The initial funding was from their own capital and a credit from the bank, for which they assume the liability. A token of faith and involvement in the work they have toiled for.


Did Pacemo’s product and business model convince you to invest in them? Reach out to Timm Wienberg for more information.


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