Jagged news for Jimdo – a wave of layoffs on the Hamburg startup scene

The brutal news was revealed yesterday by our peers from the Gründerszene. Jimdo, one of Hamburg’s biggest employers, had to introduce a drastic plan to reduce its human resources. According to the Gründerszene, 70 people were dismissed, representing close to 25% of Jimdo’s total workforce. Read more

What is Saltwater Shop – startup review

Saltwater Shop is an online store for all the products revolving around the world of surfing and seaside sports.

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What is Meisterwerk – startup review

Meisterwerk is an online store where you can buy kits with all the ingredients to make your own bread. Read more

SEO HH – meet the SEO rock stars of Hamburg

There is a tradition in Hamburg you might not have heard of. Every third Tuesday of the month, around 7pm, around 50 people gather to listen to Florian Elbers and Anita Böhm’s gospels. A new sect in town? Far from it. These meetups are free, anyone can join and participate. The reason why Elbers and Böhm are so avidly listened to, is that they know about SEO. A whole deal about it. Read more

What is Gentleman’s Agreement – startup review

Gentleman’s Agreement is an online fashion shop specialised in accessories for men.

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What is Upfit – startup review

Upfit is a website for you to get the best possible dietary solution to be fit and lose this extra weight that has been bothering you. Your new food routine is a few clicks away with Upfit!

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What is pocketstory – startup review

Pocketstory is a portal for you to read articles from magazines. No need to purchase a complete magazine, usually full of advertisements, you can pick whichever articles you fancy and buy them à la carte. Read more

What is SternenGalerie – startup review

SternenGalerie is a service specialised in fireworks. They can design your own, personalised fireworks, no matter the occasion. Read more