Nüwiel paves its way to the SXSW in Texas with Hamburg Startups

A full house at Mindspace, Hamburg startup personalities and an overjoyed winner: this is what you may have missed out at the Hamburg startups Mixer – SXSW Edition. The audience made up its mind: Nüwiel must   represent Hamburg at the SXSW festival in Austin in March! What the startup can expect there and how it came to this choice, this is what our follow-up report holds!

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Coworking spaces and locations in Hamburg

When you set up a business in a new city, finding professional contacts, alluring potential clients, and getting to meet the big players on the startup scene is crucial, yet time-consuming, especially in the days of the process. So where are the good places to put your laptop down and network efficiently in a coworking environment? Read more

Useful Links and Resources for Startups

Are you considering to found a startup in Hamburg? Have you just moved to Hamburg and you are looking for links to help you move on to the next steps? We have gathered a few links that we deem useful for expats in Hamburg.


Starting a business in Hamburg

Information about setting up a business in Hamburg, financing and possibilities.

Unternehmer ohne Grenzen (Entrepreneur network)

Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft (Startup support)

EXIST Startup Germany (Israel-Germany connection)

Hamburg Innovation

Agentur für Arbeit (financing your startup)

Nextmedia Hamburg (starter kit)

Hamburg Welcome Portal (starting a business)

Copyright: public domain

Copyright: public domain

Administration & offices

Directories of offices and legal advisers in Hamburg.

Welcome Centre (registration in Hamburg)

Consulates in Hamburg

Tax offices in Hamburg

Notar.de (English-speaking notaries)


Housing & accommodation

The biggest classified websites are unfortunately in German only, however they are the ones where you will most likely find a place to live.

WG-gesucht (shared rentals)

Studenten-WG (shared rentals)


Immobilien Scout

City Wohnen (furnished apartments)

Tempoflat (furnished apartments)

Source: John Barré

Source: John Barré

Job search

Jobs in Hamburg and some of the website to offer an English interface when looking for a job.

Hamburg Startups

Jobs in Hamburg

Toytown Germany

Hamburger Jobs (in German)

Xing (German network for professionals – login required)


Learning German

A couple of website where you can look up German words and take German lessons.

Babbel German courses

Bab.la dictionaries

Deutsch Lernen courses

Dict.cc dictionaries

Duolingo German Course

LEO dictionaries

Linguee dictionaries

Source: John Barré

Source: John Barré

These links are a subjective selection gathered by Hamburg Startups. Hamburg Startups takes no responsibility for the content, the information, or the reliability of the websites listed above. For any questions related to these websites, please contact the respective webmaster directly.

If you have any suggestions of links, tools, or resources that you find useful to expats, do not hesitate to post them in the comment section below. All links will be reviewed and spam links will be permanently deleted without notification.

Tell me how you met your co-founder, I will tell you how your company will do.

I’ve seen now fourteen startups going through our program since we got our accelerator started back in 2015. We are asked many times how we choose the companies that eventually join our program. What I have witnessed and learnt with the time is the importance of having the right partner to make something happen, therefore we invest some time finding out if the team behind the product is the right one to invest in. If you would like to deepen into the topic I recommend you to read Four Reasons To Invest In People, Not In Companies written by Ilya Pozin in Forbes.

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Tamara Muñoz: Mission “Loving Languages” at bab.la

Hamburg Startups: Can you introduce yourself in a few words to start off?

Tamara Muñoz – Spanish language aficionado and tortilla specialist: Read more

SEO Hamburg Meetup – about OnPage.org

Like every month, Anita Böhm and Florian Elbers organize their SEO meetings for online marketing rookies and experts. We’re starting 2017 with a specific tool: OnPage.org. The Munich-based company has established itself over the years as one of the essential tools for online marketers, along strong competitors such as SEMRUSH, Sistrix, or Ahrefs, among many others. Read more

Are media houses in Germany prepared to work with startups?

What’s the next hot stuff in media? How we will be communicating in the upcoming years? Which social media channels are going to survive? Which tools are journalist going to use? How the role of the journalist is going to evolve? How are we going to be able to detect fake news? Are we going to be constrained to pay for good content? Is user generated video, 360, IA, VR, AR the next big thing? We still have no answer to many of these questions, however we can witness, learn and sometimes even foresee.

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Places Hamburg – coworking space with high-end design

Our trip through the coworking spaces in Hamburg carries on with Places, a coworking location in the heart of Hamburg, between Rathaus and Meßberg. The Altstadt (old town) is a district characterised by very high buildings, large blocks made of bricks in brown and maroon colours. Read more

Coworking spaces in Hamburg: the buzzing Beehive

Let’s explore another location for our review of coworking spaces in Hamburg. Today we’re visiting Beehive, a coworking space located between the Alster Lake and the Planten un Blomen park. Central, green, and near water – Beehive is the perfect location for your projects! Read more

Coworking space projektquartier – offices along the Elbe

Among the many coworking spaces I have visited in Hamburg, projektquartier is probably the one that comes closest to how I would picture a group of startups and entrepreneurs working together. Friendly, cozy, messy, spontaneous are the first adjectives that come to mind when remembering it. Read more