Nina Kalmund: ten tips against the crisis

In the sofa conference #CouchbyCouchwest today there is a special edition with a clip that has a particularly high utility value. The architect, philosopher and investor Nina Kalmund gives tips on how to survive the current crisis and perhaps even emerge from it stronger.

Nina Kalmund is an award-winning architect with over 23 years of professional experience. Together with her brother Stefan, she runs an investment company, and with her mother Julia she founded the platform Street Philosophy. She is as much in demand as a speaker as she is as an advisor, and it is this role that she performs in an episode of #couchbycouchwest. The Chinese character for “crisis” consists of two elements: One means “danger” and the other means “opportunity”. Nina focuses on this aspect in her ten tips, which offer orientation not only in times of corona crisis.

  • Take full responsibility
  • Work on your energy
  • Work on your mindset #cleanyourthoughts
  • Think deep
  • Connect and collaborate
  • Level up
  • Become a financial wizzard
  • Build your brand
  • Be strategic, not tactic
  • Be super fast and super patient

This contribution to #CouchbyCouchwest was again made possible by the network german.innovation and the city of Hamburg. The software for the video interview was provided by the London startup Sceenic. Sceenic and its founder Paul Bojarski have a very special relationship with Hamburg, as Paul explains in our 2018 interview. At that time we also accompanied Sceenic to Austin to the SXSW and supported him on site.

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Since 2014, we at Hamburg Startups have been making sure that startups can show that they hav it at SXSW. From March 13th to 22nd, Austin was once again supposed to become the hub of the creative and digital world. Traditionally, the German delegation is one of the strongest. Thanks to the support of our partners from Hamburg Invest, Baden-Württemberg International, Sutor Bank, Vast Forward, german.innovation and Klitschko Ventures, startups received comprehensive support. We reported in advance and planned to do this on location.

New in Austin would have been the first appearance of german.innovation, an open collaborative network. It was created with the aim of strengthening and connecting innovative creatives, founders, companies and scientists. The presence was made possible by the commitment and financial support of the cities of Hamburg and Munich, the federal states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate, and numerous partners from industry and science.

#CouchbyCouchwest – the sofa conference continues!

#CouchbyCouchwest goes to the next round. This time, the Digital Media Women, the singer Sofia Portanet, the Digital Hub Logistics and serial founder Dirk Lueth will have their say at the sofa conference, which was created in cooperation between german.innovation and the City of Hamburg.

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#CouchbyCouchwest – entrepreneurs in sofa chat

Actually, they all wanted to be in Austin, Texas to participate at SXSW. As you know, that couldn’t happen, but luckily there is #CouchbyCouchwest, and so the founders of JOBMATCH.ME, femtasy and Vast Forward can present themselves to the world in a video interview. You can read how this sofa conference of the network german.innovation in cooperation with the city of Hamburg came about here.

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#CouchbyCouchwest – three highlights of the sofa conference

#CouchbyCouchwest instead of South by Southwest – we’ve already introduced you to what’s behind this idea in an article. The videos are made possible by the City of Hamburg. The sofa event continues today with clips about a pioneer of the SXSW living room conference, with tips on how to pitch yourself most skillfully, and about a performance artist in the video age.

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FlyingLab – more than just Lufthansa’s flying innovation platform

When someone takes a plane, they’ll might have some exciting experiences – at least at Lufthansa’s FlyingLab. The idea of letting popular major events such as the SXSW festival start on the flight has proved its worth. But the special flights are only one part of an innovation concept, that we would like to present here.

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These are the German candidates for awards at the SXSW Festival

For the global creative and digital scene, the SXSW Festival in Austin, from March 13th to 22nd, is an exciting highlight. The German delegation is certainly one of the largest of all and Hamburg Startups has been playing an important role for many years at it. This year we will be reporting in detail again. Today we would like to introduce the candidates from Germany who will be participating in one of the famous SXSW competitions. We are pleased to say that Hamburg is particularly well represented there!

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Hyconnects wins the Reeperbahn Startup Pitch 2019!

The seventh Reeperbahn Startup Pitch is history and with Hyconnect has found a winner from Hamburg. The award ceremony was the highlight of a day full of events that everyone involved surely won’t forget soon. Here’s our initial stock.

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Reeperbahn Startup Pitch: What you can expect at the Startup Stage Fintech

In the last episode of the series about the participants at our Startup Stage on November 7th as part of the Reeperbahn Startup Pitch everything revolves around the category “Fintech”. Our partner here is the Sparkassen Innovation Hub.

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Reeperbahn Startup Pitch: What you can expect at the Startup Stage Smart City

Hamburg has just been declared Germany’s leading Smart City by the digital association Bitkom. So of course, this topic could not be omitted at our Startup Stage on November 7th as part of the Reeperbahn Startup Pitch. Our partner here is Smart City | DB.

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Reeperbahn Startup Pitch: What you can expect at the Startup Stage Logistics & Mobility

We continue with our series about the Startup Stage, which will be part of the supporting programme at the Reeperbahn Startup Pitch on November 7th. Today it is the turn of the participants in the category “Logistics & Mobility”. Our partners are the Next Logistics Accelerator and the Behörde für Wirtschaft, Verkehr und Innovation.

Tracks makes predictions about fuel consumption

At the Berlin Startup Tracks, everything revolves around the fuel consumption of trucks. For its predictive fuel analyses, it uses a large amount of data from the truck and its driving environment to obtain as comprehensive an overview as possible of consumption values and the relevant influencing factors. On this basis, recommendations can be made for action regarding pricing, fleet composition and efficiency-enhancing investments. With the help of artificial intelligence, Tracks tries to save as much fuel as possible. Both the wallet of the haulage company and the environment are happy about this.

Optimiz accelerates claims in shiping

Kingsly Kongnyuh Kwalar, CEO of OPTIMIZ

A seafaring trip is supposed to be jolly, but even there unfortunately accidents happen occasionally. At the latest with the complaint treatment the fun stops; often the process drags itself over months. The startup OPTIMIZ promises a remedy. With their platform CroP (Cargo Recovery Platform), the experienced entrepreneurs Bop Sandrino-Arndt and Kingsly Kongnyuh Kwalar have developed a solution controlled by artificial intelligence. Thanks to CroP, the collection costs for shipping companies, freight forwarders, port companies, airlines and cargo insurers can be reduced by up to two thirds and at the same time the time required to assert claims can be reduced to just a few clicks. The company is based in London, Marseille and Cologne.

Pulpo WMS optimizes warehouse work

Order is half the life, a German proverb says, and also saves a lot of money – at least in a well organized warehouse. The key to success is the right Warehouse Management System (WMS). Pulpo WMS from Düsseldorf offers an app for warehouse workers and a web application for warehouse management. Thanks to its clearly defined AP, Pulpo WMS is ideal for e-commerce requirements. The app is compatible with several cost-effective hardware options and warehouse workers learn to perform tasks error-free in a single day. The app guides warehouse staff to the right position and the right product in every process, such as an optimal picking route.

Sirum offers complete software solution for transport industry

Michael Hötte, Georg Notter and Bennet Block of Sirum at the transport logistic 2019 in Munich (Foto: Sirum)

Sirum from Hamburg offers an ERP system for the transport industry. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and describes the task of planning and using all resources in a company in the best possible way. The software enables order entry, order management, accounting, master data management, archiving, documentation and control of the freight process. The system also covers internal topics such as human resources or the vehicle fleet. The processes run via a cloud, as a software-as-a-service solution that works on the PC, tablet and mobile phone. If you wish, you can also run the program from your own data center.

The jury for the “Logistics & Mobility” category consists of Lutz Birke, Head of the Port and Innovation Office, Miriam Kröger, Managing Partner Next Logistics Accelerator, and Dr. Lars Janzik, CEO Vertical Media. The pitches will take place from 2:30 to 3:30 pm.

About Startup Stage

The Reeperbahn Startup Pitch on November 7th at the Mojo Club offers its visitors an extensive supporting programme in addition to the grand finale in the evening. A highlight will be the Startup Stage. From five industries four startups each will show a jury of experts and the audience what they are up to. Admission starts at 12:00 noon and the five categories are “Media”, “Aviation & Space”, “Logistics & Mobility”, “Smart City” and “Fintech”. If you buy a ticket for the main pitch, you automatically have access to the Startup Stage. Further information can be found here and the tickets here!