femtasy creates sensual mental cinema for women

Only recently, the Cologne-based startup company femtasy made positive headlines with a financing round in the seven-digit range. Already in November the platform for erotic audio play for women convinced the audience at the Reeperbahn Startup Pitch. The reward: femtasy is part of our delegation, that will travel to the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas in March. In an interview, founder Nina Julie Lepique tells us what womenlike to listen to.

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Besserbrauer celebrates its three-year anniversary!

Let’s play a quick game. If you think of “Germany”, what do you associate the word to? Bretzel, sausage, cars, beer? Bingo. The Germans love beer and Hamburgers are no exceptions to the rule! While the consumption per capita is not as high as in the Czech Republic or in England, Germany still brews a fair amount of beer each year. And with the Oktober Fest just around the corner, the topic is more current than ever!

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Startups looking for internationals – mission impossible?

More often than not, companies, including startups, will reach the point where they want to go international. And this brings up the need for native speakers from abroad. However, although the EU have made it a lot easier, the process of hiring foreign workforce can still be extremely tedious and time-consuming. Read more

Killing the Cover Letter – an undesirable artifact from the past

Whether perusing the major job platforms (Stepstone, Monster), your favorite professional social networks (LinkedIn, XING), or the career section of a company’s website, the job offers you find never fail to end with “Send us your application (CV + cover letter)…” I went through a couple of job offers over the last few days, all required the same documents. In Germany, they might even want more from you, such as reference letters from former employers, copies of your diplomas, a portfolio of your projects/designs/achievements, and proof that you are eligible to work in Germany if relevant. They might as well call the career page the red rape page! Read more

Friendsfactory opens an office in Hamburg

Munich’s star office workspace rental Friendsfactory is spreading throughout Germany and has just opened an office in Hamburg. After seeding their business locations in several parts of Munich (City, Altstadt, Schwabing), Friendsfactory decided to leap into HafenCity, Hamburg’s upbeat area next to the recently inaugurated elbphilharmonie opera house. Read more

Amazon.de experiences multilangual interface

In a world of internationalization and online trade, reaching out to as many potential customers as possible is vital. Which is why Amazon, like many other e-businesses, soon went from .com to other top-level domains (TLD) such as .fr, .co.uk, .it and so on so forth. Read more

Pacemo – bringing digital into the world of undertakers

Along the banks of the Elbe River, near the fish market, there is a small coworking space. It’s easily missed in the ironically-named backstreet Buttstraße, yet any entrepreneur knows that hard work needs no glitter. This is where we met Timm Wienberg, co-founder of Pacemo. Read more

What is Haselherz – startup review

Haselherz is a hazelnut spread, made of great ingredients for a vegan and organic result. Read more

How Hamburg startups leave out 15% of potential customers

As a startup, growing fast and strong within little time is vital. Investors want to see results, your team needs to be motivated and, even for yourself, a startup growing soundly is a nice experience. Read more