What is hellomonday – startup review

Hellomonday is an online service for companies and freelancers to help them find the perfect office in Hamburg. Read more

Hamburg Startups: the 2016 retrospective

2016 was not very popular everywhere, on the contrary. But because we do not deal with wars, crises, and idols that passed away too soon, but with the Hamburg startup scene, we allow ourselves to draw our own 2016 wrap-up. Granted, it’s abridged and subjective,but before anything else, we want to finish on a positive note!

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Hamburg Startups – International Edition

Hamburg – A Gateway to the World. This tagline has always been relevant for our beautiful Hanseatic city. Not least for the harbor, the third biggest terminal for containers in Europe. Hamburg gained in visibility worldwide as as a Green City Capital as well. As an international startup hub however, Hamburg is only rarely mentioned. Hamburg is still blatantly absent.

And yet, the potential for it is most definitely there. It is clearly stated in an article from the Financial Times Harbouring ambitions: the draw of Hamburg and by the American journalist Edward Domain.

The international appeal is the reason why Hamburg Startups decided to launch an international website. We have been wondering where the Hamburg startup scene stands from an international perspective.  Read more

Jagged news for Jimdo – a wave of layoffs on the Hamburg startup scene

The brutal news was revealed yesterday by our peers from the Gründerszene. Jimdo, one of Hamburg’s biggest employers, had to introduce a drastic plan to reduce its human resources. According to the Gründerszene, 70 people were dismissed, representing close to 25% of Jimdo’s total workforce. Read more

What is Saltwater Shop – startup review

Saltwater Shop is an online store for all the products revolving around the world of surfing and seaside sports.

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What is Meisterwerk – startup review

Meisterwerk is an online store where you can buy kits with all the ingredients to make your own bread. Read more