Reeperbahn Startup Pitch: What you can expect at the Startup Stage Fintech

In the last episode of the series about the participants at our Startup Stage on November 7th as part of the Reeperbahn Startup Pitch everything revolves around the category “Fintech”. Our partner here is the Sparkassen Innovation Hub.

Kentra optimizes working capital

Both carriers and freight forwarders have high liquidity requirements and are struggling with ongoing pressure on margins. With the help of Kentra, carriers get their money faster without having to pay forwarders earlier. In order to optimize payment in road freight transport, this Hamburg startup brokers the financing of confirmed claims. The freight forwarder incurs financing costs anyway in order to bridge the payment period. By including the freight forwarder, he can reduce these costs. The simultaneous increase in margins and cooperation opportunities is particularly attractive in a highly competitive environment.

Ondato makes remote customer identification more flexible

Ludas Kanapienis, CEO von Ondato

Ondato from Vilinius provides photo and real-time video remote customer identification and legitimation testing using artificial intelligence and machine learning. This works for both legal and natural persons. Bank level security, both national and international access to the document database and simple integration as well as 100% process flexibility – these are the key points that Ondato’s solution highlights in the market.

Custodiex guarantees highest data security

The British startup Custodiex promises the ultimate in security for storing digital content such as videos, images, music and text. This is ensured by a whole range of measures, including a complex encryption method and the use of blockchain technology. The data, which tends to be unhackable, is stored in nuclear bunkers. And if, contrary to expectations, something should go wrong, a real institution serves as a backup: Lloyd’s of London provides the insurance cover that is due.

Crowdlitoken offers real estate investments on the Blockchain

Crowdlitoken from Liechtenstein is convinced that its concept has the potential to fundamentally revolutionize the world of investment funds. Investors can invest in digital tokens and then divide them between real estate projects as they wish. Investors can choose between distributing the monthly income or reinvesting it in additional tokens and benefit both from their share of the current net income of the property and from its increase in value. The digital bond has a term of 25 years, after which the investors receive their shares of the real estate portfolio paid out. More information can be found in the video above.

The jury in the “Fintech” category consists of Veronika Reichboth, Director Startup Unit at Hamburg Invest, Bernd Wittkamp, CEO Sparkassen Innovation Hub, and Michael Mellinghoff, Managing Director TechFluence UK Ltd. The pitches will take place from 16:30 to 17:30 pm.

About Startup Stage

The Reeperbahn Startup Pitch on November 7th at the Mojo Club offers its visitors an extensive supporting programme in addition to the grand finale in the evening. A highlight will be the Startup Stage. From five industries four startups each will show a jury of experts and the audience what they are up to. Admission starts at 12:00 noon and the five categories are “Media”, “Aviation & Space”, “Logistics & Mobility”, “Smart City” and “Fintech”. If you buy a ticket for the main pitch, you automatically have access to the Startup Stage. Further information can be found here and the tickets here!

Beitragsbild: rawpixel/Pixabay