Smart&Green on stage: a forward thinking event for startups, companies and investors

SPONSORED POST  On 17 and 18 October, Smart&Green on stage will take place in Berlin, bringing together startups, established companies and investors. The focus will be on innovation and sustainability. Andrea Licata, founder of the organiser talenteco, explains in an interview what visitors can expect there.


Dear Andrea, would you please introduce yourself?

I am the founder of talenteco, an ambitious project that started in Berlin last year and it’s developing well. We have already built a very good network not only within Germany, but Europe and even worldwide. This is also thanks to my background in both science and political work, as well as my own international experience, and of course the amazing startup ecosystem I’m experiencing everyday where I’m based. Living in a startup capital helps a lot. Additionally, it’s a really exciting time for green innovation.

Andrea Licata hosts Smart&Green on stage.


The event Smart&Green on stage is organized by talenteco. What is talenteco and what are you doing there?

We are specialist in the smart&green innovation sector focusing on the start-up scene, but not only that. Smart & Green on stage will bring together startups and investors working in the fields of energy, mobility, smart cities, green building, and sustainable agriculture.


What is the idea behind Smart&Green on stage?

We have several ideas to better connect the smart&green startups European scene and to create opportunities for partnerships and cooperation. New startups and new ideas are very welcome at our event … as long as they are sustainability related of course.

Aerial view of the EUREF Campus (Photo: EUREF AG)


Please give us the key information about Smart&Green on stage!

It will take place on  17 and 18 October in Berlin. The main event will happen at EUREF Campus, a spectacular location. We are planning a free tour of the Campus for interested participants on the morning of the 19th October the day after the main event.


What program can the visitors expect?

There will be investors, and also good information on climate change and economic trends, business contacts and business opportunities. Startups can pitch their companies on stage – It’s not an elevator level performance, rather they can go more at their own pace.


Which options have startups to present themselves at Smart&Green on stage?

There are still slots and startups are very welcome to attend and present. Take a train and join us!


If you want to know more about the event and purchase tickets, click here to go to the event page. General information about talenteco can be found here. The project also has a LinkedIn account and a Meetup Group.


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