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Foodist is an online store and it sells – you guessed it – food! But not just any food, the fancy type that you did not think existed, imported from all over Europe and selected with care and love. Think of it as the opposite of Rewe.

What are the products?

The lead product is the box: it is a monthly subscription to all kind of elaborate food. Prices start from €19,90 a month (free shipping) and you can pick between the healthy box and the gourmet box (aka non-healthy but hey, chocolate!) The content includes six to eight items selected for you by the lovely Hamburg team.

The website also works as a classic shop, where you can make a subscription to the box for a friend as a present or simply purchase some of their products. That includes snacks, oils, pasta, cookies, beverages, sauces and soups among other things.

Finally, the site has a blog (sorry, magazine!) with a lot of nice recipes and suggestions for your next meals.

Ole Schaumberg und Alexander Djordjevic, Zweidrittel des Gründerteams von Foodist (Foto: Franziska Evers)

Ole Schaumberg und Alexander Djordjevic (Picture: Franziska Evers)


John’s opinion

The site is very cool, it offers a large selection of products you normally don’t come across. Like a root beet and raspberry snack bar or cucumber lemonade. You can also find some more classic foods like olive oil or tomato soup.

The boxes also make an original present. It can be a subscription or a one-time delivery. It is not very personalised, but you get products you are not likely to find on your own.

I have reservations about the monthly box delivery. I cannot imagine indulging myself to it, but I suppose there is a market for it. High-street grocery lucky bag.


Any jobs at Foodist?

You can join the Foodist team by clicking here.


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