Coffee + internet = work² | Coffee shops with free WiFi in Hamburg

If you are used to working from home, you probably know the feeling. At some point, you just can’t take anymore of your home and you need to go out for a coffee. You might even catch yourself yearning for an open-space and colleagues! Well, time to get the cat off your lap, put on decent clothes (aka not pajamas) and grab your laptop. We are going to explore the best cafés to work from in Hamburg!


Kaffee Stark, Sankt Pauli

Kaffee Stark is good at any time, day or night. They do serve good coffee, but I think I like the place even better in the evening for a glass of wine or a G&T. But that’s beyond the scope of this post – so yes, 10 AM coffee. That is when they open and what makes Kaffee Stark really lovable is run-down decor. One might say it’s like a piece of Berlin in Hamburg. There is free WiFi alright, but you need to reset the connection every 60 or 90 minutes, which can be a bummer if you’re a sedulous freelancer.

Café Stark in der Wohlwillstraße 18

Café Stark in der Wohlwillstraße 18


The Coffee Shop, Neustadt

What I love about the Coffee Shop, is the fact that it feels like a secret place. It’s in one of the most walked streets of Hamburg but because it is on the second floor (above Zara) and only accessible via a narrow staircase, it almost feels like a private club. Their cappuccino is exquisite. But what is even better is the breathtaking view of Hamburg you get from upstairs. The place is well-lit and the couches on the mezzanine are super comfy.


Cafe Knuth, Altona

One of my regulars for the rainy days: it’s only a few steps away from my apartment. The Internet connection is really good and password-protected. However, anyone of their lovely crew will be happy to share the password with you. The terrace is ridiculously popular (hard to get a free seat, even in October) but the inside is pleasant enough anyway. The tables are high and the chairs robust. Too bad it gets a tad loud due to the bad acoustics.  Good selection of tea, coffee, wine and cakes!

Source: John Barré

Source: John Barré

Deathpresso, Sankt Pauli

Also -formerly- known as Kopiba. Deathpresso is actually the name of their own coffee blend. As you can imagine, it is not for beginners. Like they put it, “You can sleep when you’re dead”. Anyway, Deathpresso got so popular that most of my friends call this place by this name. Free WiFi of course, but also a famous breakfast. I would definitely recommend it, the buffet is generous. It’s also a nice place for the night birds.


Less Political, Sternschanze

My latest discovery, even though it’s been a round for a while! It’s a lovely place, very down to earth and, just like Deathpresso above, they have their own coffee blend. Less Political is also very committed in supporting good causes with the profits they make. You really should not feel bad about spending a few quids on a cup of coffee you could have brewed yourself since you’re helping peace or children (they support many organisations.) Their lethal weapon is most certainly their cheesecake. To consume in moderation if you actually want to get some work done and not end up snore on your chair!

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