What is Besserbrauer – startup review

Besserbrauer is an online shop where you can order all you need to brew your beer at home. From scratch all the way to the pint.


What are the products?

I did not know until recently, but brewing your beer is hardly any more complicated than baking your own apple pie. Or maybe even easier since you can get  your starting kit on Besserbrauer for a mere €69.00. Just pick your favorite kind of beer (pale ale, pale lager, brown ale, etc.) and you will get all you need for your beery activities:

  • hops and yeast
  • a fermentation bottle
  • a fermentation shive
  • a fermentation spigot
  • a pump
  • a thermometre
  • a dosing aid
  • cleaning product

I might seem a bit off-putting to read so many technical words, but it actually is rather simple. It’s a very simple five-step recipe you can find on the website.

Once you’re addicted to your own beer brewing, you can buy refills for only €13.00 and a whole lot of accessories to make your brewing more fun.

You can also read about all the possible beer recipes (yes, it’s a thing) on the Besserbrauer blog to go crazy with flavours.


Source: besserbrauer.de

John’s opinion

I normally would associate beer with shabby bars, pub fights, beer belly and cheap booze. Besserbrauer has just taken the whole concept of beer upside-down, turning it into a down-to-earth, honest craftsmanship. I don’t think I like beer enough to brew my own and yet I would be tempted to buy a box-set for the sake of learning the process of brewing beer.

The website makes it really clear and easy for the uninitiated where to start and this is definitely a great present for all the beer amateurs out there.
If I were to brew one, I would most certainly try out the orange-coriander “Witbier”.

Any jobs at Besserbrauer?

There is currently no job section on the company’s website (yet!)

Contact details

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