What is Weissbrand – startup review

Weissbrand is an online liquor store, featuring some very exclusive and exquisite beverages.


What are the products?

There are very few drinks listed on the shop site – a Riesling white wine and two liquors (Birds and The Wolf.) The philosophy of the founders being “quality, unique liquors”, it makes perfectly senses not to have dozens of bottles lined up.

The numerous websites (I got a bit confused, being sent from a place to another, but the age check is mostly responsible for this) do a great job on design. The pictures are simply gorgeous and the texts could not be more eloquent about how genuine and creative the drinks are.

Weissbrand wants to show the world that Germany can do more than plain beer (or quality beer for that matter.) That’s why it tries to promote new forms of drinks, crafted from ingredients imported from all over the world. These ingredients are so fine you could barely fathom their existences.

Das Gründerquartett hinter Weissbrand: Lupo Porschen, Lukas Fichtl, Basti Fische und Julian Fichtl r (v.l.) (Bild: Weissbrand)

The founders: Lupo Porschen, Lukas Fichtl, Basti Fische and Julian Fichtl (Picture: Weissbrand)


John’s opinion

Browsing the website feels like a summer evening in the countryside. It’s cool and windy, smells like hay and I wanted a drink almost instantly. They do a good job on the whole packaging!

Then there is We are Birds TV, a blog about cocktail recipes and where to drink these nearby. Again, it’s one of the most beautiful blogs I have seen lately. Many pictures, little text, straight to the point, classy – nothing to add.

And finally there is the English translation of the website. Yeah, that one needs serious improvement. Need a good laugh? Read the founders’ quote in English. Read the German original text. Understand the English version. Ouch.


Any jobs at Weissbrand?

No jobs for us yet, but keep this start-up under your radar!


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