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Camp Breakout is a campsite for overly connected people to disconnect for a few days.


What are the products?

Essentially, Camp Breakout is a four-day package in a location in northern Germany along the coast of the Baltic Sea (I spotted two different ones at the time of this writing). During these four days, you get to play some team sports, relax, try out arts-and-crafts workshop and whatever else you consider relaxing.

You will be pampered with accommodations, activities and meals. You have absolutely nothing to do but to regenerate your inner self. And follow a few rules! In order to make the best of your stay, you will be cut off of the Internet, no work-related discussions, no kids, no alarm clock. Alcohol and cigarettes are allowed under certain conditions, however no drugs in the camp!

Source: John Barré

Source: John Barré

John’s opinion

This is a brilliant idea. I love the concept and it’s one in which I would definitely believe in. The omnipresence of connectivity, mobile phones and computers can be very invasive and hard to get rid of, even temporarily. A little break away can only do you good.



I was pleasantly surprised to read about the costs. Four days for €210.00 is quite affordable, especially given that you should have no extra costs on-site. You will be provided with everything you need. The costs can even be reduced if you book for a group of three or more. A great idea for companies in need for team building activities!

The locations chosen are nice, with seaside and nice beaches, however it’s not necessarily practical for everyone to reach. From Hamburg and Berlin, no bother, but if you live in Bavaria or Austria, it will take you a little while to get to your internet-free destination. I can imagine an isolated chalet in Switzerland or in the Alps to be a nice alternative to the currently available locations.

Any jobs at Camp Breakout?

Join the camp! All jobs details are listed here.

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