What is Gentleman’s Agreement – startup review

Gentleman’s Agreement is an online fashion shop specialised in accessories for men.


What are the products?

Gentleman’s Agreement is focusing a very niche market with 4 products: bow ties, socks, pocket squares and cufflinks. It might seem like a narrow market, but it sure has class. The prices are much more affordable than I had expected just by looking at the website. I think socks are a good way to gauge affordability (we all buy socks, don’t we?) – well these are €13,00 a pair. For good quality socks, you might spend more in most stores.

The lead product is the bow tie (Fliege in German – a fly.) A silk hand-made bow tie starts from €79,00, a bit more for the wedding edition.

The products are gorgeous, especially the bow ties. The fabric looks great and I really wish I had the opportunity to touch them. The big question is: where are the braces?

Source: John Barré

Source: John Barré

John’s opinion

I love this shop! It’s one of the most fun start-up I have written about thus far. The products are really dandy-like and yet not too eccentric. They make the perfect present for a man who has a bit of taste (and Christmas is at the door!) The payment process is simple and the deliver within 5 days in Germany (shipping fees €4,90) or anywhere in Europe within 7 days. (shipping fees €8,99) The video promoting the products is also really pleasant to watch, with great views of Hamburg… and the founders'(?) great legs.

Any jobs at Gentleman’s Agreement?

There is currently no job section on the company’s website (yet!)

Contact details

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