What is Heisenbeard – startup review

Heisenbeard is an online shop where you can purchase products for your beard.


What are the products?

The products are all about beard care. If you don’t have a beard, move along, you won’t be interested. You can find oil, wax, or even a wooden comb, all of these dedicated to the well-being of your facial hair.

The oils are meant to prevent your beard from itching, to render it softer, and to prevent splitting ends. The composition of the oils is transparent and indicates an honest recipe, made of natural oils. Amongst them, you’ll find sesame oil, almond oil or mint. If this does not make your beard happy, nothing will!


John’s opinion

A very niche e-commerce surfing the wave of hipsters with beards. Such a store would have had zero potential customers even five years ago. Let’s hope beardies are still around in five years! Now, about the products, it’s seems a bit expensive at first, but the mix is quite convincing. You can also purchase all the products as a set, which actually makes a nifty present. I’m not as enthusiastic about the design of the website. The colours and the font are, if anything, unusual! They grew on me as I was browsing the site. Still the various boxes and items are a bit all over the shop, especially as you scroll down the pages.

Any jobs at Heisenbeard?
No job at Heisenbeard, however you can apply to become a beard model!

Contact details


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