What is Taste Nirvana – startup review

Taste Nirvana is an online shop that sells coconut waters.

What are the products?

The products are “just” coconut water. Nothing more really, no coconut bags or coconut butter – just water. That’s what they do.  There are a few variations available. You can order your water with or without pulp and there are some flavoured coconut waters:  passion fruit, aloe vera, matcha and coffee. Shipping costs are very reasonable given that the product rather heavy – only €3.95 and your water will be delivered to you within 3 days (in Germany.) Unless you order heaps of coconut water, you should not exceed that amount.

The German site is a daughter company form the original Nirvana. It was founded in 2003 in California and has a much bigger website. It includes Thai food recipes, various types of tea and coffee and an even larger range of coconut waters.


Source: John Barré

John’s opinion

Coconut water is rather big at the moment – the space Alnatura or DM dedicates to it is increasingly important. Taste Nirvana has the advantage of offering a much larger variety of flavors than most brands I know of.

It also takes pride in producing it in a sustainable way, selecting the best nuts of Thailand and is guaranteed without ascorbic acid or added sugar. Some include coconut water in the power food category, but it seems to be lacking evidence to back up this theory. Still, coconut water is refreshing and tasty, so why not?


Any jobs at Taste Nirvana?

No job page yet!


Contact details


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