What is Avocado Store – startup review

Avocado Store is an online shop focusing on clothes (men, women, kids) but also a large selection of furniture, gadgets, food, gardening items, books and other cultural products. All of these abide to a set of fair-trade, organic and environmental friendly rules.


What are the products?

It’s a store, so I guess I won’t elaborate on that concept (you buy it, they send it) Again, Avocado’s signature is its integrity. It promotes products that are either made in Germany, vegan, produced in fair trade, recyclable or produced with minimal energetic resources. Each product is carefully marked with a logo whenever it matches to one or more of these criteria.

The range of product is actually very, very large. It first feels like it’s essentially clothes, but after clicking through a few pages, you soon realise you can have your home fully furnished and decorated with what Avocado has to offer. They have pens, towels, tables, rakes, soap, pasta, light bulbs, socks, olive oil, tea, pans, speakers, coats,… The list goes on.

But you will have the best household ever, with a clear conscience and not an empty bank accounts – the prices are fair and shipping fees minimal  or even free if you spend a certain amount.

Source: avocadostore.de

Source: avocadostore.de


John’s opinion

Anything with Fair Trade in it has me swept away right from start! I think it’s a great site for quality items manufactured with dignity. The clothes are nice, although I was not so excited about the men selection (a bit bland). I found the home department a lot more appealing with some bizarre articles like a wooden eggcup or a cardboard pet box but also very alluring items like the wooden speakers or the nutcracker with a cannonball.

One bad surprise is that Avocado is actually a portal for different artisans. As such, the shipping costs multiply with each item you add to your shopping cart. Of course, you can get around it if you spend enough money to get free shipping fees!

Any jobs at Avocado Store?

Jobs and other positions at Avocado Store can be found here. (in German)

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