What is SternenGalerie – startup review

SternenGalerie is a service specialised in fireworks. They can design your own, personalised fireworks, no matter the occasion.


What are the products?

Fireworks everywhere! Thanks to SternenGalerie, you can get your own custom-made fireworks. Why is it better than standard fireworks? Because you can decide of the colours, the theme, and even the music played along. You can order romantic pink, golden, red wedding fireworks or fireworks with the colours of your company. An original idea to stand out and make your party unforgettable. On top of their fantastic effects, this start-up will take care of all the administrative and organisational burdens.

They will  make sure your fireworks are shot in a safe and authorised area, they will deliver the material to the party location, they will discuss the details with the owner of the location to make sure it does not bring any unforeseen troubles. Now, all that’s left for you is to enjoy the show.

Yes, you can enjoy the show because you won’t be shooting the rockets, they also take care of it! There are different prices, depending of the length of the show (from five minute on) and whether you go for the little extras or not. All information can be found on their website.

Source: sternengalerie.de

Source: sternengalerie.de


John’s opinion

Fireworks design is an unexpected service! The start-up is most certainly in a niche market but with little competition and a lot of growth-potential. One of the biggest assets I see is that it is not something you can easily do yourself if you want it. You just have to ask a professional. The main drawback however is the lack of scalability and the costs of a highly skilled workforce.

I am not sure how big the market is, but I like the idea. Last but not least, it can be sold for weddings. And if there’s one thing for which people spend money hand over fist, it’s weddings. Good target! And companies too…


Any jobs at SternenGalerie?

Yep, they are hiring: visit their website for more information!

Contact details

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