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Upfit is a website for you to get the best possible dietary solution to be fit and lose this extra weight that has been bothering you. Your new food routine is a few clicks away with Upfit!


What are the products?

Upfit is NOT about sports. We already know we need to move more, do more exercise, bla, bla, bla. But there’s always something in the way: lack of motivation, time or energy.

Upfit, however, will help you get fitter without lifting a finger. Or almost, actually you do need your fingers to cook. After singing up for your personalised diet program (from four to twelve weeks, starting at €59.00) you will know how and what to eat for each meal and how to optimise your nutritive habits.

Source: upfit.de

Source: upfit.de

You can design your diet to be vegetarian, vegan, lactose free or even paleo. One can choose to have regular snacks or not, and so on so forth. There is no need to count calories or points or anything and the recipes are written by a professional nutritionist.

The recipes are all very easy to realise, taking less than 15 minutes to be ready. The recipes are varied and filling – no frustration. You are also provided with some general information about nutrition and eating habits: where the calories we ingest unknowingly are, what the right speed of weightloss is, what the urban myths about food are and many other practical tips.

John’s opinion

The site looks neat and is rather clear about the whole process. I was slightly turned off by the “before/after” pictures but overall, the browsing experience was very pleasant.

The diet program comes as PDF with each recipe you ought to be following, day in, day out. It is clear and the advertised product on the website is faithful to what you are delivered.

I really like the approach that focuses 100% on diet and how you can improve small things very easily. Great for lazy/busy people!

Any jobs at Upfit?

Jobs and other positions at Upfit can be found here.

Contact details

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