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Wunder is a car-sharing service. It brings the commuters together into a community to share the journeys from point A to point B.


What are the products?

Wunder is primarily an app, available on iOS and Android. The website is just an information site, and it does not allow you to anything. So, once you have carefully downloaded your app onto your phone, you can get things started. Whether you own a car and want to share a journey with another passenger to split the costs or a wannabe passenger in need for a car for a journey, this app is there for you.

Type in your home address, your work address and you’re basically done. The whole process is rather fast and easy. Suggest the amount of money you are willing to spend for the drive and send out your message in a bottle into the Wunder Ocean. You will be notified whenever a good match is found for your drive.


John’s opinion

The app was a bit reluctant to start, I had some trouble creating an account but it did work out eventually. Setting up my typical journey was a rather fast process and I could find some nearby drivers for a Wednesday 8am drive.

What troubles me is how Wunder makes money out of this business? As a passenger, I paid the driver directly and the transaction did not go through Wunder. Still, it’s a nice app and whatever helps the environment is in my good books.

Source: wunder.org

Source: wunder.org

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